Community benefits

The redevelopment of the Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool (CMSP) will provide significant benefits to residents and the wider community for decades to come. 
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Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool will create opportunities for people to socialise, learn new skills and maintain healthy lifestyles. The project will create and stimulate job opportunities in the local area, assisting with post-COVID economic recovery. Facilities and programs will also be broadened, improving user experience and accessibility. The new sustainable centre will reduce the environmental impact and help to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions.


A broad range of amenities will cater to people of all ages and abilities, improving inclusion and diversity for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, communities, and cohorts, including:

Changing Places facility

Changing Places enables Victorians with high support needs to participate in their local community and access recreational and tourist attractions, parks, community spaces, entertainment and sporting venues. The CMSP design incorporates a changing places facility, which includes a larger than standard accessible toilet, with extra features and more space to meet the needs of people with a disability and their carers. The facility has a height adjustable, adult-sized changing bench, a tracking hoist system, and space for two people on either side of a peninsula toilet.

All access pools

All pools apart from the dive pool and indoor learn to swim pool will have ramped or beach entry access for physically disabled patrons. The learn to swim pool will have an articulated movable floor to its full extent, consisting of three independent moveable sections. The floor can be raised to zero depth for wheelchair access and lowered to any level from zero to 1.6m deep. The learn to swim pool will also be equipped with a Pool Pod, allowing wheelchair bound users the opportunity to lower themselves into the pool without assistance.

Outdoor splashpad

The splashpad will be an aquatic play environment comprised of features that maximise the cognitive and sensory stimulation for children of all ages and abilities. The splashpad is designed to encourage children to play together, experiencing aqua play in a safe environment.  Features will be wheelchair height accessible with adequate turn-around space between elements. Children with sensory differences will enjoy a balance between intense and more gentle water play, along with various sights and sounds. The outdoor splashpad will include intentionally designed features to cultivate and encourage the following:

  • Cognitive development like planning, imaginative thinking, focus, problem solving and self-control as children interact with moving water.
  • Sensory stimulation through tactile interactions with water sprays, streams and jets.
  • Development of gross motor movement through jumping, running and dodging.
  • Social development in skills like cooperation and sharing, building healthy relationships and interactive play.
  • Physical activity and development by building capacity, confidence and improving physical strength.

Gender-neutral change rooms

CMSP will include a number of gender-neutral (GN) amenities throughout the centre to increase inclusivity and accessibility. 

Location Amenities
Dry Program Rooms 2 GN toilets
1 GN accessible changeroom
Learn-to-Swim Pool Hall 11 GN change cubicles on the pool concourse
1 GN toilet with baby change table
1 GN accessible changeroom
Wellness Pool Hall 1 GN accessible changeroom
1 GN Changing Places space
Outdoor Change Area 1 GN accessible changeroom
1 GN toilet with baby change table
4 GN change cubicles

CMSP will also benefit from GEL’s already established diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives such as:

  • Every Body Active Program
  • Active Communities Program
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Swim Program
  • Group Fitness Unlimited
  • Basketball Unlimited
  • Scope Communication Access
  • The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
  • Bindi Maps
  • Disability and inclusion training for all staff

For more information on these programs and initiatives, visit our Access for every body page.


Council engaged an Environmentally Sustainable Design consultant to ensure we go above and beyond the minimum sustainability standards that are required. We are on track to achieving a 6-star Green Star energy rating which we have recently lodged our application for. CMSP will encompass an all-electric solution which will run completely from renewable energy, incorporating significant onsite solar PV.

The new facility has been designed for climate resilience, low energy operation and water resilience, incorporating substantial rainwater harvesting tanks. An ‘earth berm’ will insulate the building, enabling the centre to be extremely efficient, and will provide additional open space for native vegetation to be planted. This will assist to achieve the low-profile form of the building which is set into the park landscape, making it aesthetically pleasing to residents and improving the look and feel of the community.