Glen Huntly Activity Centre

We’re planning for the future of the Glen Huntly major activity centre.

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Our Glen Huntly Structure Plan will help shape future growth in the Glen Huntly commercial centre.

How did we develop the plan?

In 2017, we asked what you love about your local shopping strip. This consultation was conducted in all activity centres in Glen Eira and helped to inform the development of Glen Eira’s Activity Centre, Housing and Local Economy Strategy (City Plan).

Building on our conversation with the community in 2017, Council began a process to develop a structure plan for the Glen Huntly Activity Centre. In October and November 2019, the community were engaged to provide feedback to inform this work. Eight key directions were developed, and specific ideas for bringing these directions to life were invited.

We brought the feedback together in a draft structure plan, presented to the community for feedback in June and July 2020. In September 2020, Council considered a revised plan and resolved to undertake further work to investigate key issues raised by the community. 

A final Plan was discussed and endorsed by Council at Ordinary Council Meeting on 23 September 2021.

What’s in the plan?

The central objectives of the Glen Huntly Structure Plan are to:

  • improve pedestrian and cycling connectivity throughout the activity centre;
  • advocate for new public open space and a distinct train station as part of the level crossing removals;
  • manage the building heights, setbacks and design of new buildings in the centre;
  • ensure key sites provide opportunities for new local employment and diverse housing opportunities; and
  • seek community benefits such as improved public amenity and affordable housing as part of new developments.

The Plan has seven key components to achieve the above central objectives:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Activity and land use
  3. Buildings
  4. Public spaces
  5. Movement and parking
  6. Opportunity sites
  7. Level Crossing Removals

For more details, you can view the full Glen Huntly Structure Plan (PDF 81MB)

What's next?

We’re now working to prepare an Amendment to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme, to implement key directions in the Plan in the form of permanent planning controls for the use of land.

To stay up to date with this process and future opportunities to get involved, visit and subscribe to our Have Your Sage Glen Eira webpage.

The Glen Huntly Level Crossing Removal project

The Glen Huntly Structure Plan aligns with the project underway to remove level crossings at Glen Huntly and Neerim Roads. Visit the Level Crossing Removal Authority website for more information on the removals.

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