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Glen Eira has several historical societies that organise events and help to collect, preserve and promote the history of the area. Find out more about these groups and how to register your interest as a volunteer.

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Glen Eira Historical Society

The Glen Eira Historical Society was formed in 1972 as the Caulfield Historical Society, changing its name after the 1994 amalgamation. It has a comprehensive collection that includes documents, photos, maps, family histories and books. You can contact them to get help with your research, and become a member for $25 a year.

Visit the Glen Eira Historical Society website.

City of Moorabbin Historical Society (Box Cottage)

Formed in 1960, the City of Moorabbin Historical Society (CMHS) aims to preserve the history and heritage of the former City of Moorabbin. It's also the custodian of the Box Cottage Museum (BCM), which features a range of exhibits open to the public.

Visit the City of Moorabbin Historical Society website.

Brighton Cemetorians

The Brighton Cemetorians was formed in 2005 with the aim of raising awareness of the Brighton General Cemetery as a place of historical importance. It also conducts tours of the cemetery and can help you find graves.

Visit the Brighton Cemetorians website.



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