Frederick Jowett Memorial Drinking Fountain

The Frederick Jowett Memorial Drinking Fountain is one of Glen Eira's most well-known landmarks, but did you know it was once considered a community hazard?

The former Caulfield City Council commissioned the fountain in honour of Frederick Jowett, one of its most respected and longest serving secretaries and town clerks (1887-1921).

It originally sat in the middle of the intersection of Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, which proved dangerous for passers-by, travellers and the fountain itself. Anyone who stopped for a drink of water put their lives at risk as vehicles passed them. And the fountain was hit so often in the first month of its installation that it had to be moved.

First it moved to the corner of the Town Hall site where it remained until increased traffic made it a risk for travellers. It was then relocated for the third and final time to its present location, at the entrance to the Caulfield Library.