Level crossing removals in Glen Eira

As part of the State Government's Level Crossing Removal Project, seven dangerous and congested level crossings in the City of Glen Eira are now gone. There is currently work underway for the removal of the final two level crossings in the municipality, Glenhuntly Road and Neerim Road. Both were originally flagged for removal at the 2018 Victorian election. Early works have already started and we understand residents may have some questions.

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Which level crossings are gone?

The following Glen Eira level crossings are now gone:

What's happening now?

The Victorian Government is in the process of removing two level crossings, Neerim Road and Glenhuntly Road. These will be fast-tracked for completion by 2024, a year ahead of schedule.

How can Council help?

Although we can't make direct decisions about the project, we're advocating for the optimal outcomes for the local residents and community.

As the project progresses, we may be able to assist you, if you experience any:

  • recycling and waste services issues
  • parking issues
  • disruptions to your local business.

What is Council’s stance on the project?

See links below to both of our advocacy documents in relation to the project.

What is Council doing to protect trees and vegetation?

For our stance on tree removals and vegetation with this project, see a link below to a helpful FAQ.

I have a question about level crossing removals

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the Level Crossing Removal Project directly, on their 24-hour number 1800 105 105 or email contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au


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