Creating a community for all abilities

We Asked — You Said — We Did is our way of showing how your feedback contributes to our decisions. Check out how you helped us create a community for people with all abilities.

We asked

In March 2018, we asked you about ways to enhance community inclusion for people with a disability. We also wondered what actions we could take to show leadership, oversee planning and conduct advocacy on disability issues.

We wanted to know what you thought access for all abilities might look like in the future.

You said

In our consultations, you told us that it's important to create strong social, employment and support networks.

You also said disability awareness education was important in helping people with a disability to feel valued by Glen Eira community members.

We did

We developed eight initiatives which may benefit the community:

  1. Supporting jobseekers with disability to find employment
  2. Getting fit, active and joining local sports clubs
  3. Volunteering and being valued for giving back to the community
  4. Supporting people with disability with advocacy and understanding the NDIS
  5. Creating a strong support network
  6. Educating the community about disability awareness
  7. Improving access to businesses in our local community
  8. Supporting parents and carers

To help us decide on the top priorities, we invited you to vote for your favourite initiatives. After we reported the results to Council in December 2018, they decided to consider these top four preferences:

  1. Supporting jobseekers with disabilities to find employment (94 votes)
  2. Educating community about disability awareness (67 votes)
  3. Supporting parents and carers (59 votes)
  4. Supporting people with disabilities with advocacy and understanding NDIS (54 votes)