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Do you have a complaint about the quality of our service, or a recent action or decision? We value your feedback as understanding your experience with us will help us to continually improve. 

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Our Complaints Handling Policy (PDF, 101KB) outlines how to complain to us, and how we should handle complaints. When we receive your complaint, we must handle it in accordance with the policy.

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If you've previously lodged a complaint and aren't satisfied with the outcome, please select 'Internal review' as the type of complaint in the form below.

Please note: We conduct internal reviews in accordance with our Complaints Handling Policy. You don't have the right to an internal review unless we advised you of that right in our correspondence.

See our internal review process and policies for more information about how we investigate and resolve complaints.


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The personal information requested is required primarily for the provision of the service referred to on this form and will only be shared with those directly responsible for providing that service. If you do not provide the information, we may not be able to deliver the service. If you would like to know more about privacy at Glen Eira City Council, including your right to seek access to any information collected on this form, please visit our Privacy page linked in the footer or contact Council’s privacy officer on 9524 3333.