Customer Service Charter — our commitment to our community

We take pride in supporting our community and helping to ensure our residents can access our services quickly and easily. Our Customer Service Charter is our commitment to delivering highly valued service experiences for our customers and community. 

The Charter is our pledge that we will strive to provide a reliably high standard of service, support, information and advice, and above all — a seamless experience.  

Customer experience goes beyond the individual services Council provides, it’s about how we work together to create a consistent and connected experience for you as a customer.  

The Charter defines the promises we make to our customers and provides information about what we will do to deliver on these promises. 

Our promises to the community 

  • Empathetic — we put our customers first.
  • Accessible — we make it easy for you to connect and engage with us.
  • Timely — we strive to resolve customer requests as quickly as possible.
  • Simple — we strive to make our services and processes easy to use.
  • Consistent — we are committed, capable and united in providing a highly valued and trusted customer experience. 

We are committed to being more transparent about our performance. This includes detailing how we set expectations and reporting on how we keep to them.  

As part of this commitment, we'll review our Customer Service Charter annually, ensuring that we will continue to build on it to better reflect your expectations as customers.  

Read our Customer Service Charter