Publication of information statement

Our Publication of information about Glen Eira City Council (PDF, 278KB) offers a simple overview of the types of documents we hold, and how you may access information about us. This statement is intended as a guide only, and is not a complete list.

What information is in the statement?

You can download this statement for information on our:

  • organisational structure, including key roles and council wards
  • functions including revenue-raising and local law enforcement
  • decision-making powers, including how we run council meetings and encourage your participation
  • community engagement and communications
  • public documents and registers

Which documents can I access?

We maintain a range of documents and registers for public inspection, in accordance with relevant law. In some instances you may need to pay a fee to inspect and copy these documents.

Documents and registers listed in the statement include:

  • agendas and minutes of ordinary and special council meetings from the previous 12 months, except if the minutes relate to parts of meetings which were closed to the public
  • Council donations and grants from the previous 12 months
  • Council's policy for the reimbursement of expenses for Councillors and Council committee members
  • the current Councillor Code of Conduct
  • any Council proposed local laws and explanatory documents
  • the current procurement policy
  • the current budget or revised budget