Our guiding values

Our guiding values are vital in directing how we make decisions and work with others, as well as how we provide access to services and resources.

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Our guiding values work on three key elements.

Community focused, responsive and inclusive

We want you to help us achieve the best possible health, safety and lifestyle for the City. That's why we're focused on developing a tolerant and caring community where you can take part in our decision-making.

Accountable and relevant leadership

Our leadership strives for a transparent process that creates financially responsible and environmentally sustainable outcomes. We'll consult with the best experts and listen to your views to decide on the City's priorities. We'll also innovate to ensure we set our services against recognised benchmarks.

Community wellbeing

With an increasingly diverse community, we treat all people with respect and dignity, providing equal access to services and resources. We'll also find gaps not being met by other community providers or levels of government, and lift standards within the constraints of our resources.



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