Delegations and authorisations

Delegations and authorisations allow for Council staff (and, in limited circumstances, Council contractors) to perform certain powers, duties and functions.


Many Council decisions are made in formal Council meetings by way of resolution.

However, for effective functioning of local government, Council can delegate its powers, duties and functions to delegated committees, members of Council staff; and/or the CEO (who, in turn, subdelegates powers, duties and functions to members of Council staff).

In some instances, individual staff within Council have powers, duties and functions under law, which can be delegated to other Council staff.

Council’s current Instruments of Delegation can be accessed below.

Council delegations to Council staff

CEO's delegations to Council staff

Municipal Building Surveyor's delegations to Council staff

Fire Prevention Officer's delegations to Assistant Fire Prevention Officer


Council staff or contractors can be authorised to undertake law enforcement or other duties on behalf of Council. The powers of authorised officers depend on the legislation under which they have been appointed. Council maintains a register of authorised officers, which is available for public inspection by request.