Communication channels

Council’s communications channels such as its website, social media and Glen Eira News exist to inform the community about Council decisions, priorities, services and Council-run activities and events.



Where we receive requests from residents or organisations to promote their events, activities or programs, the Public Affairs manager or nominated officer may determine whether the item is suitable for promotion through Council channels.

To be considered for promotion, third party events, services and programs must be:

  • of clear benefit to community members;
  • consistent with Council values and priorities;
  • of no risk to Council’s reputation;
  • run by a community group, charity, non-profit organisation or government department or agency;
  • free to the community; and
  • happening in the City of Glen Eira, where relevant.

To promote the municipality and its Neighbourhood Activity Centres, Council may determine it is suitable to note small and family businesses through Council’s channels. We do not generally promote medium to large enterprises or brands, including franchises.

Under Council’s Philanthropic Partnership Policy, Council may enter into a philanthropic partnership with a third party. Where there is a formal partnership agreement in place which is endorsed by Council, we may promote this philanthropic partnership through Council channels.