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Glen Eira News is our local paper, covering the latest news and community events. We publish it every month (except January) and deliver it to all Glen Eira households.

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Can I read Glen Eira News online?

Yes, you can read the latest Glen Eira News online at your convenience. You can also translate articles into your preferred language when you open the online version. Just double click on the article you would like to translate and push the ‘world’ icon in the toolbar at the top of the page.

Can I subscribe to Glen Eira News online?

You sure can. Please complete this form to receive emails linking to the online version of Glen Eira News.

Making submissions to the Community Diary

To make a submission to the Community Diary in 2024, please email by the following dates:

Glen Eira News edition Submit material by Distribution from
February Monday 1 January 5 February
March Wednesday 31 January 4 March
April Tuesday 27 February 2 April
May Thursday 22 March 29 April
June Wednesday 1 May 3 June
July Tuesday 28 May 1 July
August Wednesday 3 July 5 August
September Wednesday 31 July 2 September
October Tuesday 27 August 30 September
November Wednesday 2 October 4 November
December Tuesday 29 October 2 December


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