Residential noise

Residential noise caused by domestic air conditioners, domestic heating equipment and swimming pool and spa pumps is a common problem for many residents, particularly those living in inner urban suburbs.

The Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2008 outline the prohibited times for the operation  of domestic air conditioners, domestic heating equipment, swimming pool and spa pumps if they are able to be heard from inside a habitable room of another residential premises.

Prescribed noise and prohibited times

Domestic air conditioners, domestic heating equipment and swimming pool and spa pumps.

Monday–Friday, before 7am and after 10pm
Weekends and public holidays: before 9am and after 10pm

The best approach for dealing with noisy neighbours is to talk to them about the issue and work together to resolve the problem in an amicable way. Your neighbours may be unaware of the disturbance they are causing and are more likely to respond positively if the complaint is initially discussed with them directly. This will improve the likelihood of maintaining a good relationship with your neighbour.

If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the problem, the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria can assist. This organisation has been established to help people settle their disputes in a co-operative and lasting way and the service is free and confidential.

For further information, contact the Dispute Settlement of Victoria on 9603 8370.

If the noise complaint cannot be resolved privately, our environmental health officers may investigate the complaint. To lodge a noise complaint, contact our Public Health Unit on 9524 3333 or email:

For further information, visit the Environment Protection Authority website.

Who should I contact about unreasonable noise from other sources?

  • Machinery and building sites — Council (9524 3333)
  • Registered food premises (including deliveries and truck mounted refrigeration units) —  Council (9524 3333)
  • Commercial premises and home occupations — Council (9524 3333)
  • Commercial and large industrial premises — EPA (9794 5188)
  • After hours — Caulfield Police (9524 9500)