Theme three: Housing

Our Activity Centre, Housing and Local Economy Strategy aims for a sustainable approach to living, with new buildings that are well-designed and responsive to different needs.

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Quality housing and buildings for the future

Demand for new housing is due to population growth and changing needs as families grow, shrink and age. When considering future housing and development needs, we must understand the needs of our community and appropriate household types.

Our new housing framework has a particular focus on:

  • well-located medium-density family housing
  • age-friendly housing
  • safe single housing
  • affordable housing for our community’s most vulnerable.

This framework will guide future precinct planning and building design guidelines. It builds on our existing housing strategy by giving more guidance on household types within our major and neighbourhood centre catchments.

What did community engagement tell us?

We asked you for feedback and ideas around place-making, and you called for:

  • new buildings with quality designs, which respond to their immediate context
  • new buildings that respect the character of the area
  • immediate environmental action to minimise impacts for the future.


Our key housing objectives are to:

  • plan for community needs to ensure that diverse housing options are available for all situations
  • encouraging buildings that respond to their immediate urban context
  • proactively plan for change by considering future community needs
  • have a clear focus on environmental sustainability.



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