Apply for a building permit

If you're building a new dwelling or structure, or making changes to an existing building, you're likely to need a building permit.

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Do I need a building permit?

Building permits are issued under the Building Act 1993, while planning permits are issued under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

You generally need a building permit when you're constructing any new building or changing an existing building. In some cases you may need a building permit to build a fence or large shed.

The Building Regulations 2018 state that you must receive a valid building permit for certain proposed building works before you start.

If you're not sure if you need a permit, please contact us on 9524 3333 before starting any works.

Can you help with getting my building permit?

Apply direct with a Private Building Surveyor or contact us on 9524 3333 for more information about applying for a building permit.

Below are some great resources for finding a private building surveyor.



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