Reduced fees for trained dogs

Training has huge benefits for you and your dog.

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A properly trained dog will:

  • socialise well with other dogs and people
  • have simple manners and understand your house rules
  • respond to basic commands, such as sit and drop
  • behave better

You’re responsible for ensuring that your dog is well behaved and under control in public. Proper training will help you be a better dog owner by:

  • giving you control of your dog
  • giving you strategies to prevent and minimise conflict
  • helping to prevent any incidents between dogs in off-leash areas
  • helping to ensure the safety of other residents.

While it’s great to start training from an early age, it’s also never too late – dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds will benefit from training.

How do I get a reduced fee for a trained dog?

If your dog completes an approved obedience training program, you’re eligible for free registration for the next full year and 50 per cent off the standard reduced fee in subsequent years (conditions apply).

How do I qualify for the reduction?

You must meet all four of the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Your dog must successfully complete an approved obedience program.
  2. The obedience program must be conducted by a suitably qualified trainer who is a member of an approved training organisation.
  3. You must give us a copy of the completion certificate from the training organisation. The certificate must state that the course complies with provisions of the Domestic Animals Regulations 1994.
  4. Your dog must be desexed or eligible for at least one other reduced fee criteria.

What is an approved obedience program?

An approved training organisation’s program that assesses the dog in:

  • heeling or walking with a handler
  • socialising with other dogs
  • staying on command
  • coming to the handler on command
  • absence of aggression.

What is an approved training organisation?

The Minister for Agriculture has approved the following obedience training organisations:

What is a suitably qualified trainer?

A current member of one of the organisations listed above. They must also have completed a training course approved by the Minister and administered by that organisation.

What are the other reduced fee criteria?

You’re also eligible for reduced fees if your dog:

  • is more than 10 years old
  • desexed
  • kept for working stock
  • kept for breeding at a domestic animal business conducted on registered premises
  • has a membership with Dogs Victoria.