Jane Burton

Glen Eira Lounge Room 1998

Selected photographs from the Glen Eira Lounge Room series commissioned for Council’s art collection in 1998.

“I was fascinated by the opportunity to look into the private spaces of people living within my neighbourhood. The challenge was to capture in a single image, the essence of personal taste within spaces that were often busy and eclectically decorated. My approach was to frame with my camera, a particular area that would express through light, colour and texture, an atmosphere resonant of its inhabitants. …Jane Burton 2020

Renowned Australian photographer Jane Burton was commissioned by Glen Eira City Council in 1998 to create a series of photographs documenting the domestic interiors of Caulfield for Council’s art collection. The works were featured in the Council curated survey exhibition Jane Burton: Eye of the Beholder staged at Council’s Gallery from 24 September to 18 October 2009.

Jane Burton’s compelling photographs have intrigued audiences since she emerged onto the contemporary art scene in the early 1990s. Renowned for her cinematic images of desolate, brooding urban and rural landscapes and mysterious domestic interiors of suburban homes, Burton is at the forefront of contemporary photography practice in Australia. Glen Eira Lounge Room 1998 offers an insight into the diversity of taste in suburban décor, capturing the memories and history that resonates in the homes.

Opening the private domain to the public, the photographs offer a remarkable insight into the generally unseen aspects of other people’s domestic spaces, the personal objects that surround them, and the intimate character or architectural features of their home. In Glen Eira Lounge Room II, a soft light filters in through a window, interacting with and permeating the sparsely furnished lounge room interior, casting shadows on the carpet and furniture. The series is a fascinating investigation of place, confirming Burton’s ability to create a mood and presence through light.

In a career encompassing thirty years, Burton has staged many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout Australia. Her photographs are represented in major public Museum collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, Monash University Museum of Art, Monash Gallery of Art, the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Glen Eira City Council and Newcastle Region Art Gallery and many private collections.

Selected works from Glen Eira Lounge Room 1998

Jane Burton | Glen Eira Lounge Room I. 1998 | Type C photograph | 48 x 48 cm | Glen Eira City Council Art Collection
Jane Burton | Glen Eira Lounge Room II. 1998 | Type C photograph | 48 x 48 cm | Glen Eira City Council Art Collection
Jane Burton | Glen Eira Lounge Room III 1998 | Type C photograph | 48 x 48 cm | Glen Eira City Council Art Collection