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Gallery exhibitions and public programs

Our gallery program features regular curated survey and thematic exhibitions, including the works of established and emerging contemporary Australian artists and a series of dynamic public programs for children and adults. The gallery program also includes hire exhibitions by local artists, schools and community groups.

In accordance with the Victorian Government COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the Glen Eira City Council Gallery will be closed until further notice. We hope to welcome you back to the Gallery soon.

Due to the extended lockdown, the dates for the Tony Scott, Simon Lloyd, and COVID-19 Cats in gallery annexe exhibitions have now changed and will be announced soon.

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In Conversation with artists Simon Lloyd and Tony Scott

Join local artists Simon Lloyd and Tony Scott for an engaging online conversation with Council’s Curator Diane Soumilas about their creative practice, careers and the works to be featured in their upcoming exhibitions in the Council’s Gallery.

New Health Plan-project 10 — Back from China

Tony Scott

Exhibition dates to be confirmed

In a career spanning more than four decades, Tony Scott is known for a practice which encompasses found objects, LED light boxes as well as painting and the fabrication of sculptural objects. This exhibition explores the artists ongoing preoccupation with concepts of body and time, and aging and disintegration.

His work invites reflection on ideas about the isolation of the individual in a foreign environment where language and social behavior is often not understood. Landscape is an important influence on his practice, informed by the artist growing up in the Yarra Valley and reinforced by travels through China since 1994.

Tony Scott 7 Shelters under a snow storm 2019 Digital print, oil paint, pigment, glaze on foamcore 24 x 20 cm
Tony Scott | 7 Shelters under a snow storm 2019 | Digital print | oil paint, pigment, glaze on foamcore | 24 x 20 cm


Confines of Being

Simon Lloyd

Exhibition dates to be confirmed

Originally trained in three-dimensional design in the UK, Simon Lloyd has in recent years begun to supplement his design and making practice through painting and photography.  Drawing upon objects and details within the environment Lloyd looks to discover the often unseen and forgotten elements of our surroundings. The exhibition includes paintings created over the past ten years together with photographs that have not previously be exhibited. Videos developed in relation to Lloyds photographic works will also be displayed.

The artist states that “As a designer of three-dimensional objects, the exploration of my surroundings through photography provides an incredibly rich visual palette with which to work. Painting allows me to explore this further. In bringing together elements of form and colour I am in some undefinable way also contributing to and enriching my own practice.”

Simon Lloyd Line code, Hong Kong 2018 Photographic print on Kappa board
Simon Lloyd | Line code | Hong Kong 2018 | Photographic print on Kappa board | 71.8 x 60 cm


COVID-19 Cats

Presented by the Rotary Club of Caulfield
Gallery Annexe

Exhibition dates to be confirmed soon

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in Victoria during 2020 and 2021 had a profound impact on how people affected lived, worked and studied. Social isolation became the norm. Those with cats found additional comfort, companionship and a source of creative inspiration from them.  Artists responded to iso through prolific outpourings of cat related visual commentary on the situation.

“The illustration was done on a tiny piece of watercolour paper (10cm x 15cm), because back then I was concerned with the prospect of art supplies during lockdown. I cut my paper into very small pieces so that I had something to work with everyday. The model was a cat that I owned when I was little, as I don't have a cat now.” — Qing Zhang

Watercolour painting of a Jedi ginger cat fighting covid with a lightsaber by Qing Zhang
Qing Zhang | Jedi Cat Slashing Corona Virus, 2020 | Watercolour on paper 10 x 15 cm


Telling Tales

Exhibition dates to be confirmed

Telling Tales is an exhibition that explores storytelling and a shared fascination with books and the literary world in contemporary art.  Each artist plays with a range of associations intrinsic to books — reading, knowledge, libraries, transformation, history, personal and collective memory. This exhibition provides rich territory in which to revalue the continued importance and powerful potential of the book form in contemporary art. Telling Tales celebrates the language of books, the stories they tell, and their shifting role in contemporary life. The works span a range of mediums including painting, book sculptures, photography, video, collage and altered books.

Charlie Sofo | Library 2019 | Digital video 0:53 mins | Courtesy of the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Curated by Diane Soumilas, the exhibition features the following artists: Chris Bond; Penelope Davis; Prudence Flint; Nicholas Jones; Victoria Reichelt; Tai Snaith; Charlie Sofo; and Deborah Walker.

A series of online artist/curator conversations and public programs including artist talks, curator talks and workshops will be presented in association with the exhibition.

Porcelain and paper collage
Tai Snaith | The Unseen Art scene 2019 | Porcelain and paper collage on found paperback book | Courtesy of the artist
Nicholas Jones | Cheiro’s Language of the hand 2019 | Altered book | Courtesy of the artist