Gallery exhibitions and public programs

Our gallery program features regular curated survey and thematic exhibitions, including the works of established and emerging contemporary Australian artists and a series of dynamic public programs for children and adults. The gallery program also includes hire exhibitions by local artists, schools and community groups.

Twenty Melbourne Painters Society

Exhibition 22 August–8 September

The 101st annual exhibition of this prestigious group of traditional realist painters promises to generate great interest amongst collectors and the public.

This year’s major exhibition will feature works of excellence in tonal realism and impressionism for the enjoyment of Gallery visitors. 

Presented by Jenny Pihan Fine Art.

Joseph Zbukvic | Forum Theatre 2019 | Watercolour on paper | 52 x 35cm

Phil Kreveld

A landscape of memories

Exhibition 12 September–28 September

This exhibition features paintings and drawings by local artist Phil Kreveld which address themes of personal history, identity and memory. As the artist describes: ‘Memories are part of the mind’s eye, gaining a life of their own. My diaries, filled with sketches, stories and annotations, re-read and looked at, become paintings. In their execution, I relive distant encounters and see markers along the road I left behind.’

Artist’s floor talk
Friday 20 September at midday

Join Phil Kreveld for a discussion about the themes addressed in his practice and the artworks included in the exhibition.

Phil Kreveld | In 1954 I wanted to be an artist 2019 | Oil on linen | 71 x 61 cm


Exhibition 22 August–8 September

Portrait works by Glen Eira Artists’ Society (GEAS) members are featured in this exhibition. Celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the Society, the exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography, and other mediums.

Around one hundred local artists and supporters, past and present, are acknowledged for their contribution to the art group. Characters from public life, the GEAS individual artists, and people from assisting groups such as the Rotary Club of Caulfield are depicted.

A multimedia display surveys the extensive activities GEAS engage with in the local community.

Gillian Schofield | Jack Campbell, MBE, Rotarian 2016 | Camp-fired willow charcoal on canvas | 40 x 40 cm

Robyn Cottew

Icons of Japan

Exhibition 12 September–28 September

A journey through the traditions, culture and icons of Japan, seen through a unique Japanese cutting art technique. Using traditional Japanese papers and fabrics, the artist explores Japanese cultural identity through themes of old and new, traditions, architecture and gardens, festivals and icons. Popular and also lesser known icons of Japan will be referenced, along with stories to inform and capture the audience.

Robyn Cottew | Maiko 2019 | Washi and Chiyogami paper | 70 x 50 cm