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2022 A.M.E. Bale Art Prize in the medium of oils and/or acrylics

The exhibition of finalists showcases the impressive works by the artists selected by the judging panel in the Oils or Acrylics category.


Troy Argyros

Painting of a woman painter
Troy Argyros | The Painter | Oil on linen | 60 x 45cm

Marion Chapman

Painting of a backyard
Marion Chapman | Alia | Acrylic on board | 60 x 45cm

Lulu Clifton-Evens

Painting of a violin
Lulu Clifton-Evens | Music of Yesteryear | Oil on Belgian linen | 62 x 41cm

Byron Copland

Painting of a hand
Byron Copland | Hand Study | Oil on canvas | 26 x 36cm

Fiona Cotton

Painting of a woman with a wall paper background
Fiona Cotton | Rosary | Oil on wooden panel 60 x 50cm

Rick Crossland

Painting of a person sleeping in
Rick Crossland | The sleep-in | Oil on board | 29 x 39cm

Hua Cun Chen

Painting of an artists studio
Hua Cun Chen | Morandi’s Studio | Oil on canvas | 50.8 x 40.6cm

Van Thanh Dat Dao

Painting of Flinders Street Station, Melbourne
Van Thanh Dat Dao | Flinders Street Station | Oil on canvas | 70 x 120cm

Mark Dober

Painting of a Country road, with house and telephone pole (Yapeen)
Mark Dober | Country road, with house and telephone pole (Yapeen) | Oil on board | 40 x 50 cm

David Fenoglio

Painting of a log with moss
David Fenoglio | Disrupted Symbiosis | Oil on linen | 71 x 41 cm

Sophie Hague

Painting portrait of a man
Sophie Hague | James | Oil on acrylic panel | 60 x 40cm

Jennifer Huang 

Painting of St Andrew for a cast
Jennifer Huang | Cast painting of Saint Andrew | Oil on linen | 56 x 42 cm

Zai Kuang

Painting of a girl playing with blocks
Zai Kuang | Children #3 | Oil on canvas | 60 x 60cm

Rosy Lloyd

Portrait painting of a woman
Rosy Lloyd | Ira | Oil on canvas | 30 x 40cm

Swathi Madike

Life painting of a man
Swathi Madike | Marco | Oil on canvas | 42 x 48cm

Vicki McInnes

Still life painting of pears, colander, wooden spoon on a table
Vicki McInnes | On Reflection | Oil on linen | 60 x 60cm

Bethany McKay

Painting of a boy with a diamond earring
Bethany McKay | Boy with a Diamond Earring | Oil on canvas | 40 x 40cm

Edwin Moses

Painting of a person sitting on the footpath
Edwin Moses | It Was a Cold Crisp Morning | Oil on canvas | 39 x 49cm

Elisabeth Mary Nelson

Portrait painting
Elisabeth Mary Nelson | Through the looking glass | Oil on board | 64 x 54 cm

Angelo Quabba

Portrait painting of a man
Angelo Quabba | It is time to act your age | Oil on canvas | 37 x 47cm

Maria Radun

Maria Radun | Secrets  | Oil on linen | 28 x 35cm
Maria Radun | Secrets | Oil on linen | 28 x 35cm

 Jo Reitze

Paitning of plants and leaves
Jo Reitze | Geelong Conservatory | Oil on linen | 110 x 90cm

Margarita Riaikkenen

Life painting
Margarita Riaikkenen | Rozochka | Oil on linen | 90 x 90cm

Ignacio Rojas

Painting of a young child
Ignacio Rojas | Allegro #2 | Oil on linen | 15 x 21cm

Lucy Roleff

Painting of a table, with a candle, cup and bridle
Lucy Roleff | Greater Reward | Oil on linen | 63 x 73cm

Ted Rowbottom

Ted Rowbottom | Evening Glow | Oil on linen | 45.5 x 3.55cm
Ted Rowbottom | Evening Glow | Oil on linen | 45.5 x 3.55cm

Ben Ryan

Portrait painting of a woman seated at a table
Ben Ryan | Tash | Oil on linen | 76 x 76cm

Vicki Sullivan

Portrait paiting of siters
Vicki Sullivan | My Sister, My Friend | Oil on linen | 83 x 59cm

Glenn Thomas

Painting of fisherman in the morning
Glenn Thomas | Morning Fisherman Mogadore | Oil on board | 59 x 89 cm

Joe Whyte

Life painting of a woman sitting in a chair
Joe Whyte | Rahme | Oil on linen | 45 x 33cm