2022 A.M.E. Bale Art Prize for works on paper

The exhibition of finalists showcases the impressive works by the artists selected by the judging panel in the Works on Paper Award category.


Byron Copland

Life drwaing of Kate graphite on paper
Byron Copland | Kate | Graphite on paper | 42 x 30cm

Mark Dober

Paiting of Northern Beaches seascape
Mark Dober | Northern Beaches seascape | Gouache on paper | 56 x 76 cm

Christine Fenech

Cast study
Christine Fenech | Cast study in trois crayons | Conte charcoal and white chalk on toned paper | 43 x 64cm

Adrian Grist

Seated portrait
Adrian Grist | Seated Portrait | Graphite on Mylar | 24 x19cm

Jennifer Huang

Cast drawing of Laocoön
Jennifer Huang | Cast drawing of Laocoön | Graphite on paper | 56 x 49cm

Zai Kuang

Child drinking from a yellow cup
Zai Kuang | Children #4 | Charcoal and chalk on toned paper | 50.7 x 37.5cm

Joseph Luczynski

Joseph Luczynski | Grapevine | Acrylic on Snowdon paper | 74 x 59cm

Jo Reitze

Painting on paper of a coastal landscape
Jo Reitze | At the Lon | Gouache on paper | 114 x 122cm

Alun Rhys Jones

Charcoal drawing of a bag with David Beckham
Alun Rhys Jones | BECKHAM | Charcoal on Stonehenge paper | 122 x 96cm

Danielle Robertson

drawing of a Polish highlander
Danielle Robertson | Zofia - Polish highlander | Charcoal on paper | 52 x 49cm

Ignacio Rojas

Drawing of a child
Ignacio Rojas | Allegro | Charcoal and chalk on paper | 21x16cm

Colleen Stapleton

Portrait of Enrico from life
Colleen Stapleton | Portrait of Enrico from life | Charcoal on Paper | 48 x 58cm

Joe Whyte

Life drawing of Zoe
Joe Whyte| Zoe | Pencil on paper | 39 x 59cm

Kalinda Witchey

Life drawing of a feamle figure
Kalinda Witchey | Figure | Graphite on paper | 59.4 x 42cm