2020 A.M.E. Bale Art Prize in the medium of oils and/or acrylics

The exhibition of finalists showcases the impressive works by the artists selected by the judging panel in the Oils or Acrylics category.



Troy Argyros

Troy Argyros | Portrait of Eng Ching Goh | Oil on copper | 18x13cm

Joshua Baldwin

Joshua Baldwin | Portrait of Madhanbir | Oil on linen | 110x89cm

Fiona Cotton

Fiona Cotton | Winter Hat | Oil on wooden panel | 50x40cm

Pilar De La Torre

Pilar De La Torre | Olga | Oil on linen panel | 70x50cm

Tsering Hannaford

Tsering Hannaford | Dr Alan Reddrop | Oil on Belgian linen | 60x50cm

Rosy Lloyd

Rosy Lloyd | Portrait of TC | Oil on canvas | 37x31cm

Nellie Maertzdorf Ellis

Nellie Maertzdorf Ellis | Brolga | Oil on linen | 91x61cm

Carole Milton

Carole Milton | The Window Cleaners | Oil on canvas | 54x33 cm

Angelo Quabba

Angelo Quabba | Portrait of Janette | Oil on Belgian linen canvas | 48x34cm

Elizabeth Austin

Elizabeth Austin | Alia | Oil on paper | 50x34.5cm

Natasha Ber

Natasha Ber | Morning conversations | Oil on canvas | 50x50cm

Kate De La Motte

Kate De La Motte | Self Portrait | Oil and Conté on board | 92x62cm

David Fenoglio

David Fenoglio | Self-portrait 2020 | Oil on panel | 50x42cm

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly | A draped chair | Oil on board | 30x22cm

Jenny MacKay

Jenny MacKay | Beauty remains' | Oil on Belgian linen | 40.6x50.8cm

Morna McIlraith

Morna McIlraith | Head Study | Oil on linen | 61x51cm

Vicki McInnes

Vicki McInnes | Rhododendrons and Two Birds | Oil on linen | 66x91cm

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen | Still life on mirror with peas | Acrylic on canvas | 78x64cm

Fiona O'Byrne

Fiona O'Byrne | Lucia, 14 years | Oil on canvas | 45x40cm

Jo Reitze

Jo Reitze | Resilience | Oil on linen | 70.5x140.5cm

Lucy Roleff

Lucy Roleff | Golden Afternoon | Oil on board | 40x50cm

Liz Stute

Liz Stute | Jess | Oil on linen | 101x71cm

Colleen Stapleton

Colleen Stapleton | Lady Of Shalott | Oil on linen | 28x22cm

Vicki Sullivan

Vicki Sullivan | Louise's Autumn Quinces | Oil on linen | 50x60cm

Kynan Sutherland

Kynan Sutherland | Landscape (Sutton Grange) | Oil on cedar panel | 18x38cm

Cathy van Ee

Cathy van Ee | Conviction | Oil on canvas | 38.5x27cm

Joe Whyte

Joe Whyte | Self Portrait in lockdown | Oil on paper | 20x18cm

Ben Winspear

Ben Winspear | Work, rest and play - Silver day at Williamstown | Oil on linen | 91x122cm