Smoke-free Outdoor Policy Draft

We Asked — You Said — We Did is our way of showing how your feedback contributes to our decisions. Check out how you helped develop the draft Smoke-free Outdoor Policy. 

We asked

We asked community members what their thoughts were about extending smoke-free areas in busy shopping areas across Glen Eira. We presented the draft Policy and asked people to provide feedback on key aspects, including the objectives of creating smoke-free zones outdoors, the process to identify a smoke-free zone and mechanisms to implement a smoke-free zone (such as a new Local Law). We asked Council’s Community Voice panel what their thoughts were about rolling out initial smoke-free zones.

You said

Community Voice provided a range of creative ideas and thinking for the initial roll out of smoke-free zones.

Most people who responded to our call for feedback were supportive of the introduction of smoke-free outdoor zones. Respondents said it would make them more likely to visit busy shopping/walking places in Glen Eira. Many commented on their awareness of health impacts arising from second-hand smoke and saw community benefits in discouraging smoking in busy places.

We also heard that there was a need to ensure that people who choose to smoke are not targeted, and to clearly communicate with businesses where smoking is currently permitted to ensure they are aware that a smoke-free zone would not apply to them.

We heard strong support for the objectives of the draft Policy, measures to identify a zone and mechanisms to implement one.

We did

Community feedback was collated and drawn on to revise the draft Policy and associated Communications Plan. Changes prompted from community feedback included: 

  • providing more information in the draft Policy to clarify the scope of the spaces to be included in a smoke-free zone;
  • removing reference in the draft Policy to ‘no smoking’ signage, to support the introduction of signage that is less prescriptive and more inclusive;
  • amending the draft Policy to include communicating progress back to the community and stakeholders following implementation; and
  • substituting 12 months for six months commencement date for Local Law enforcement.

Following these changes to the draft Policy and Plan, the ideas shared by Community Voice were drawn on to support planning for the initial rolling out of smoke-free zones.