Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision

We Asked

Community engagement for developing the Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision began in June 2019. We spent several months seeking feedback on what the Glen Eira community’s vision was for the future of their municipality. We captured ideas and aspirations from people of all ages and diverse backgrounds that represented our community. We had more than 3800 people contribute their input and the information they shared was collated in this report in March 2020.

You Said

The community engagement data we collected identified the following 12 focus areas as being most important and valued areas that people in Glen Eira wanted in their vision for the future.

  1. Green, sustainable and environmentally conscious
  2. Well designed, with a mix of quality housing and local neighborhood character
  3. A place for active, leisure and sporting activities
  4. Connected and easy to move around using any mode of transport
  5. Diverse, inclusive and healthy
  6. Thriving, with vibrant shopping strips and businesses
  7. Safe, clean and tidy
  8. A place to connect, create and learn
  9. Supportive of residents in need
  10. Informed and involved
  11. Effectively and efficiently supported by Council's organisation
  12. Home to arts and culture that celebrate our identity and heritage

We Did

We then independently recruited a Community Vision Deliberative Community panel to develop the Community Vision applying the engagement data collected. A community panel of 32 residents broadly representing the Glen Eira Community worked together face to face and online to develop a draft Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision. The draft Community Vision was shared with the community for one final round of community input between January through to March 2021. The community panel finalised their community vision report for Glen Eira and formally handed it to Council.

Council endorsed the community’s Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision on 19 May 2021.

Glen Eira’s vision statement

‘Our Glen Eira: A thriving and empowered community working together for an inclusive and sustainable future.’

Community Vision six guiding principles

The Community Vision statement is accompanied by six guiding principles that include:

  • Principle 1: We work together
  • Principle 2: Planning for community resilience
  • Principle 3: Inclusive and healthy community
  • Principle 4: Maximise and diversify our green and natural spaces
  • Principle 5: We are proactive in meeting challenges and innovate using evidence-based methods
  • Principle 6: Promote and develop our creative potential, celebrating our diverse identities through art and other cultural expression

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