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Caulfield Park Masterplan

We asked

Caulfield Park is a unique space combining areas rich in botanical significance with active sporting areas. The previous masterplan was developed in 2001 and had a focus on enhancing, protecting and reinforcing these areas.

In 2018, we presented a contemporary masterplan vision for Caulfield Park which respected the existing heritage and uses of the space. We sought feedback on the proposed masterplan and vision. From October to December 2018, we distributed a promotional video, held a public meeting, placed large signs in the park with brochures and distributed flyers to local residents.

You said

During the consultation period, over 550 people visited the Have Your Say page to view plans, with 34 people contributing to the online discussion forum. A further 13 people provided emails and 40 people attended an engagement session in the park to discuss the plan. A total of 71 submissions were received.

You told us that you were generally supportive of a vision to protect and enhance the existing landscape planting strategy across the park; specifically the exotic and native planting in the western historic precinct and the native and indigenous planting in the eastern precinct. You said you would like to see the development of sporting facilities to be located within the Park. You would also like to see the development of engaging landscapes and infrastructure that promote social cohesion, equality and accessibility for all members of the community. 

We did

The Caulfield Park Masterplan was endorsed by Council in July 2019. We will commence the implementation of some projects in 2019/2020. We will continue to create spaces where a variety of activities can occur, a range of goals are addressed and different objectives can be pursued.  In addition, we will explore opportunities to improve sustainability, resilience and adaption to a changing climate.

To find out more on the Caulfield Park Masterplan visit our Planning for open space page.

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