Active Recreation Action Plan

We Asked — You Said — We Did is our way of showing how your feedback contributes to our decisions. Check out how you helped develop our Active Recreation Action Plan.

We asked

Active Recreation is physical activity that takes place in public open space. It usually involves the use of outdoor fitness equipment, ball courts, hit up walls, golf birdie cages or skate parks. 

We led a series of engagement activities with the community to better understand: 

  • How the community engages with active recreation facilities
  • What active recreation programs are provided in the community
  • Identify opportunities to address gaps in facilities and programming 

The findings from community engagement activities were then used to develop Glen Eira'sActive Recreation Action Plan.

You said

Through collecting written and verbal feedback, conducting surveys and in-park observations we determined:

  • demand for individual and social sport and recreation opportunities across the community
  • a need for Council to continue investing in diverse and high quality active recreation facilities
  • opportunities for future programs to support the use of facilities and enhance participation in physical activity.

We did

After reviewing feedback from the engagement activities, we prepared the Active Recreation Action Plan to inform future investment in facilities and programs. Feedback collated through surveys and observations helped Council develop an Action Plan, which identifies active recreation hubs across Glen Eira to support physical activity close to home.