Cr Anne-Marie Cade (Mayor)

Tucker Ward Councillor Anne-Marie Cade was elected to Council in 2019 and is serving her second term. Cr Anne-Marie Cade was elected Mayor for the 2023–24 Council year and was Deputy Mayor for the 2022–23 Council year.

Cr Cade was elected to Council in 2019 and is serving her second term as a Councillor. She has lived in Glen Eira for more than 17 years has three children. She ran her own law firm for more than 12 years and now runs a boutique Mediation and Coaching Practice. She is a Lawyer, a Nationally Accredited Mediator, and a Conflict Resolution Specialist.  She also works as an Adjunct Lecturer and Mentor at the College of Law and in 2020 was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study best practice in Parenting Coordination internationally.

Outside work Cr Cade enjoys exercising at the gym, reading a wide range of fiction, walking her dog Kobe and trying out the coffee and cuisine in Glen Eira’s many restaurants.

Cr Cade has a strong sense of community, having lived and worked in the area for many years. She is passionate about improving community engagement at Council level as she wants to ensure people feel connected and have the opportunity to have their say in decisions that affect the community. She believes that local government plays a vital part in improving the overall quality of life for the people who reside in the municipality and wants to make a valuable contribution by addressing the residents’ concerns at Council level.

Cr Cade has a Bachelor of Laws (The University of Colombo), Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Leo Cussen Centre for Law) and a Master of Laws in Applied Law majoring in Family Dispute Resolution Practice.