Social Distancing Support Program

The program aims to support young people through a climate that requires isolation as a means of community safety.

Social Distancing support is a program initiated in response to the Public Health issue COVID-19.

A referral will be assigned to a Youth Development Officer (YDO) who will contact the young person for the purpose of check-ins, goal setting and motivation help, during COVID-19 lockdowns. The YDO may identify online social opportunities for the young person to engage with during lockdown and support the young person to participate (for example GEL anywhere programming).

Additionally, when the need is identified the YDO may make referrals to specialised services such as Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs if the appropriate consent is obtained.

The Social Distancing Support Program will conclude at the end of a lockdown, where a final check-in will be arranged, and the YDO will discuss services that can provide ongoing support options to the young person if required.

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If you are or know a young person that may benefit from the additional support during this time, please register your interest below:

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