Studio 161

Studio 161 is a purpose-built space with a content recording space and separate control room.

The studio will support young people to learn how to create their own content with the aim to platform Youth stories and opinions.

Equipped with high end recording equipment, the studio can be used for project including, audio and video podcasts, voice overs, filming content for social media, school projects and more.

Youth Services will be offering Studio workshops through our Living and Life skills program. Spaces for workshops are limited due to room capacity. You can register your interest on our Your Future page.

The workshop will cover induction of the fundamental operation of the studio and how to safely use all equipment.

At the conclusion of Studio 161 training, young people are encouraged to test out their new skills by joining the Your Story — Youth Voice program, where they can meet other young people and work on individual and group content. 

To find out more information about Youth Voice, visit our Your Story page.