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Climate change is the biggest environmental, social and economic challenge faced by our global community. Climate change can be overwhelming, and global solutions are required, but many small actions do add up.

Did you know that 99.4% of Glen Eira’s carbon emissions come from the community?

In 2019–2020, Council's carbon footprint (carbon emissions as a result of Council operations) was 8,400 tonnes of carbon. In 2018–2019, the Glen Eira community's carbon footprint was 1,320,000 tonnes. Here is a breakdown of where your emissions come from.

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Source: Snapshot 2018: 57% Electricity | 18% Transport | 21% Gas | 4% Waste
Source: Snapshot 2018: 57% Electricity | 18% Transport | 21% Gas | 4% Waste

For tips and advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint, visit our How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint page.

Knowing where your carbon emissions come from is the first step to reducing your footprint. Visit WWF's website to calculate your carbon footprint.

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