Energy and climate change

There are lots of ways you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.

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Australian Energy Foundation

Australian Energy Foundation provides energy-saving advice, services and products to households, businesses, schools and community groups.

We’ve partnered with Australian Energy Foundation to help you improve your energy efficiency. They offer a free advice line and can link you to trustworthy suppliers for an obligation-free quote.

Solar Savers

We recently launched an exciting new program, in partnership with Solar Savers, to help pensioners install solar power with no upfront costs. 

Solar Savers takes the hard work out of finding an affordable and trustworthy solar installer, so you know you're getting a quality solar system. Having solar power allows you to save money on power bills, while growing renewable energy in Glen Eira.

Twenty five Victorian councils are taking part in the program, which has funding from the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund. 

What can you do?

Get the knowledge to create a low-carbon future, and stay informed. The Climate Council is a great place to start.

Make your home or business more energy-efficient

Victorian Energy Upgrades gives homes and businesses access to discounts on energy-saving products. Households using this program could cut $150 a year or more from their energy bills, while businesses are looking at savings of $670 or more.

For information on upgrades and accredited providers, visit Victorian Energy Saver or call 9032 1310.

Consider renewable energy

Solar and hot water are an increasingly affordable option to reduce your household emissions. The Clean Energy Council offers impartial information on both of these. Or contact Australian Energy Foundation for a free quote.

If you're a pensioner you can also take part in our new program, in partnership with Solar Savers and other Victorian Councils, which helps you install solar power with no upfront costs.

Choose your electricity retailer wisely

Switching to a more environmentally friendly electricity retailer could help you reduce your emissions. Visit Ethical Switch to find out more.

Use your online electricity portal

Use your electricity distributor or retailers' online portal to monitor your electricity usage patterns. If your retailer doesn’t offer this service, both of our local distributors offer their own portals.

Check energy rating labels

Understanding energy rating labels is the key to choosing the most efficient home appliances. Visit Energy Rating and Your Energy Savings for more information.

Make wise food choices

Between 30 and 60 per cent of your eco-footprint comes from the food you buy? Reducing food waste and putting your food waste to good use by turning it into compost will also help reduce emissions. Visit our page on recycling your food scraps for more information.