Victorian Bushfire Emergency

The 2019/2020 Victorian Bushfire Emergency is currently affecting communities across the state. We will continue to keep you updated on our efforts to support communities affected by bushfires. To find out more and how you can support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, visit our Victorian Bushfire Emergency page.

Smoking laws

Environmental health officers are responsible for conducting education and enforcement activities of tobacco retailers, eating establishments, licensed premises and certified specialist tobacconists under the provisions of the Tobacco Act 1987.

Victoria's laws on smoking

Under the Tobacco Act 1987, smoking is banned in the following places: 

  • at enclosed restaurants, cafes and dining areas of hotels
  • at licensed clubs
  • at shopping centres
  • in enclosed workplaces
  • in a motor vehicle, if anyone under 18 is present
  • at patrolled beaches
  • at outdoor public children’s playgrounds, skate parks and sporting venues during organised under-age sporting events
  • at under-age music or dance events
  • at outdoor areas within public pool complexes
  • within the grounds of, and within four metres of entrances to, childcare centres, kindergartens, pre-schools, and primary and secondary schools
  • within 4 metres of entrances to children’s indoor play centres
  • within 4 metres of entrances to public hospitals and registered health centres
  • within 4 metres of entrances to certain Victorian Government buildings
  • in courts or police stations
  • at train stations, tram platforms, or tram and bus shelters.

To find out more visit the Tobacco reforms website.



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