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Aged care into the future

On 16 March 2021 Council resolved to consolidate its three residential aged care services onto two sites, Rosstown Community and Warrawee Nursing Home.

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Why is Council no longer providing residential aged care at Spurway Community?

Glen Eira has committed to continuing to provide high quality residential aged care services for all our residents. However, since our first facility opened more than 40 years ago, residential aged care has become more complex and challenging.

Spurway’s size, layout and design, including shared bathrooms and small rooms, limits its ability to meet residents’ needs into the future and its long-term viability as a residential aged care facility. Council recognised the need to explore options for a sustainable approach to aged care into the future.

What will happen to residents?

Single rooms with ensuites at Warrawee have been reserved for each Spurway resident, and a detailed transition plan will ensure the safe move of residents to Warrawee where they will benefit from its contemporary feel and facilities, spacious communal areas and single rooms with ensuite. Should a resident wish to move elsewhere, Council will also support and assist with the move to the facility of their choice.

Support will be provided throughout, this includes funding medical transport, relocation and other support services for all residents whether they are moving to a Council or a privately owned facility.

What will happen to staff?

Council is considering future staffing needs to identify which roles will transfer to Warrawee Community or Rosstown Community and which may no longer be required.

All staff who leave will receive the entitlements they are eligible for under the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

Council will consult with staff and their representatives on the process and provide regular updates and ongoing support.

When will the moves take place?

Residents will have safely relocated by 14 May 2021 at which point residential aged care services will no longer be provided at Spurway Community.

Should we be concerned about the level of care being provided to residents?

No. The standard of care we provide has always been of a high quality and we are proud of the care we give.

It is only the age, design and layout of some buildings, including those at Spurway Community that no longer meet community expectations.