B2C Community IT Recyclers

B2C Community IT Recyclers.

B2C Community IT Recyclers

B2C Community IT Recyclers encourages Small Businesses and Households to donate working and non working IT Devices to its project. We accept:

  • Desktop Pcs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • IT Equipment

Location: 3/3 Elma Rd, Cheltenham, 3192
Phone: 9005 0101
Website: http://b2crecyclers.com.au/

Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 10am–3.30pm.

Cost: Free

Process and further information

Drop off during opening hours or via appointment (phone to arrange). B2C re-use as much of the materials donated as possible, integrating PC components into refurbished computers. Any donated equipment that cannot be re-used is dismantled into its constituent parts and sent for processing by one of their responsible waste partners.