Glen Eira Planning Scheme Review 2018

The Glen Eira Planning Scheme is a statutory document that guides and shapes development in Glen Eira.  It includes State Government provisions as well as local policies specific to Glen Eira and a strategic vision for the municipality.

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We are required to review its Planning Scheme on a regular basis.

We adopted the Glen Eira Planning Scheme Review at a Council Meeting on 16 October 2018. 

Minutes — Tuesday 16 October 2018

Glen Eira Planning Scheme Review 2018 (PDF, 1MB)

Community consultation

In 2016 we commenced a different way of engaging with the community. Traditionally, we had engaged with the community on individual projects however it is was clear that better engagement occurs when the conversation is ongoing rather than project specific.

During 2016/17 financial year we sought feedback to inform the preparation of seven strategies including the 2016 Review, Council and Community Plan, an Integrated Transport Strategy as well as seeking commentary on the Municipality’s 17 activity centres and shopping strips to inform the preparation of the Activity Centre Housing and Local Economy Strategy and Structure Plans for Bentleigh, Carnegie and Elsternwick. Feedback was sought with the following principles in mind:

  • Foster an ongoing two-way conversation with the local community.
  • Communicate in a way that makes sense to the community.
  • Co-ordinate community feedback across all projects.
  • Inform long-term thinking, not just immediate project needs.

In total, more than 4,400 community submissions were received.

Community engagement on the preparation of Structure Plans and Quality Design Guidelines continued into the 2017/18 financial year and continues to inform the Council’s strategic work.

During this wide ranging program of consultation a number of issues and opportunities were raised which have been grouped into themes below. These issues and opportunities are generally the same as those identified in the 2016 Review. Our ongoing engagement with the community has reinforced initial community feedback rather than revealed anything new. In light of this, it was not considered necessary to consult the community again for the specific purpose of this 2018 Review.

Work plan

The work plan adopted by Council includes projects that will cover:

  • Loss of neighbourhood character, more specifically:
    • The need for additional design guidelines within zones
    • More landscaping opportunities and vegetation
    • Better transition between developments
    • Curb the rate of growth
    • Reduce basement encroachments
    • Improve garden character
    • Protect backyards
    • Reduce hard surfaces in private open space areas
    • Front fencing
    • Streetscape integration
    • Better quality architecture
    • Greater front setbacks
    • Reduce building heights
  • Overdevelopment in Activity Centres
  • Development transition between zones
  • Protection of heritage
  • Traffic and parking
  • Lack of open space
  • Developer contribution to infrastructure
  • MSS and Local Policy framework
  • Loss of trees
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design

The Planning Scheme Review report and work plan has been submitted to the Minister for Planning, with work commencing immediately.