Bentleigh and Carnegie Activity Centres Planning Scheme Amendment C184 — frequently asked questions

Throughout 2017, Council worked with the community to develop structure plans for Bentleigh and Carnegie. The plans include direction on undertaking an amendment to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme to help deliver on land use and built form outcomes. These frequently asked questions provide more information.

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What are the Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plans?

Together with Greater Melbourne, Glen Eira is growing. Structure plans are important ways to guide a coordinated approach to planning for a growing community in key busy activity centres, and providing guidance on issues such as infrastructure, transport, public space, land use and development, that gives certainty for all stakeholders.

The Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plans set out a long-term vision and plan to manage and facilitate change in both the Bentleigh and Carnegie activity centres. The plans aim to accommodate housing and employment growth, while at the same time creating vibrant centres that enhance and protect identified heritage and neighbourhood character.

The current plans are the Bentleigh Structure Plan 2018-2031 (including Addendum dated Feb 2020) and the Carnegie Structure Plan 2018-2031 (including Addendum dated Feb 2020).  To read the plans and review information on how they were developed visit and

What is a Planning Scheme Amendment?

Planning Schemes are documents used to control the use and development of land in an area. All Councils in Victoria have their own planning schemes and they contain a mix of State and local elements.

To add or change a provision in the planning scheme, Councils must prepare a planning scheme amendment, that must be approved by the Minister for Planning. Once an amendment is incorporated into the planning scheme, and its provisions are then given statutory weight. This means that the contents of the amendment will be used to make decisions on planning permit applications that come through to Council from the community.

The amendment process involves six main steps.

  • Amendment (Structure Plan) prepared and endorsed by Council (completed)
  • Amendment authorised by the Minister for Planning (completed)
  • Exhibition on the Amendment (current stage)
  • Consideration of submissions and refer submissions to a Planning Panel
  • Planning Panel hearing takes place, and a report is developed, and considered by Council
  • Adoption of the Amendment by Council

What are the details of Amendment C184?

Amendment C184 proposes to introduce Design and Development Overlays (DDO8 and DDO9) along Centre Road Bentleigh and Koornang Road, Carnegie. It also proposes to rezone land in Carnegie and Bentleigh. The details are as follows:

  • A number of zone changes
    Land affected by C184 is mostly land zoned residential, though there are zoning changes to land zoned commercial, public use and industrial.  The rezoning of land to new residential zones reflect housing opportunities as detailed in the structure plans. Other changes reflect employment and housing opportunities in accordance with the structure plans or zoning corrections.
  • Introduction of four (4) new schedules to the residential zones
    • Schedule 3 to Clause 32.07 Residential Growth Zone – Residential core in major activity centres
    • Schedule 4 to Clause 32.07 Residential Growth Zone – Transition to urban renewal areas 
    • Schedule 5 to Clause 32.08 General Residential Zone – Residential areas in activity centres 
    • Schedule 2 to Clause 32.09 Neighbourhood Residential Zone – Neighbourhood residential areas adjacent to major activity centres 
  • A new Design and Development Overlay to all commercial and mixed use zoned land
    (DDO8 for Bentleigh and DD09 for Carnegie).  This provides detailed requirements relating to building height and setbacks for new buildings
  • Deleting the interim Design and Development Overlays
    (DDO8 and DDO9) that currently apply to commercial and residential land
  • In addition to rezoning 99 Brewer Road Bentleigh from Industrial 3 Zone to General Residential Zone – Schedule 5, an Environmental Audit Overlayis to be applied to manange any potential land contamination. 
    Amending the Municipal Strategic Statement at Clause 21.04 Housing and Residential Development to give direction on where to apply the Design and Development Overlay in activity centres.
  • A new local planning policy Clause 22.04 for Bentleigh and Carnegie to provide policy direction for these centres that reflects the directions of the structure plans. 
  • Amending Clause 05 Urban Villages Policy to remove all content relating specifically to Bentleigh and Carnegie Activity Centres, and rename as “Urban Villages – Elsternwick”.
  • Amending Clause 07 Housing Diversity Area Policy and 22.08 Minimal Change Area Policyto address the revised boundaries of the Bentleigh and Carnegie Activity Centres. 
  • Amending the schedule to Clause 72.08 Background documents to include:
    • Bentleigh Structure Plan 2018-2031 (Glen Eira City Council, December 2018, including Addendum dated Feb 2020)
    • Carnegie Structure Plans 2018-2031 (Glen Eira City Council, December 2018, including Addendum dated Feb 2020).
  • A new schedule at Clause 74.02 Further Strategic Work to reflect further strategic work to be undertaken to further support Amendment C184. 

What is the history of Amendment C184?

An initial Amendment C184 was adopted by Council in December 2018 and submitted to the Minister of Planning for review and authorisation.  In November 2019, the Minister responded, acknowledging the community consultation process involved in informing the Amendment and highlighting some areas that needed to more closely align with State policy.

To achieve a balance with what is expected at a State planning policy level, a focus on providing more housing in residential areas within Major Activity Centres was required. Other changes required related to, the extent of mandatory height controls, use of background documents, provision of uplift and development contributions, new residential zone schedules and use of the quality design guidelines.

The changes required in order to receive authorization were considered by Council on 4 February 2020. For more information, see the report to Council and minutes for Council Meeting 4 February 2020.

Authorisation to publicly exhibit Amendment C184 was received from the Minister for Planning in March 2020. The letter from the Minister for Planning identified 8 specific matters that needed to be addressed prior to exhibition. One of these matters included making changes in accordance with a track changes Amendment document. The final version of the Amendment now on exhibition has made changes in direct response to all of the matters requested.

Does amendment C184 include Heritage?

Heritage controls are being considered separately as part of Amendment C190 which seeks changes to the Planning Scheme to implement heritage provisions in the Bentleigh and Carnegie activity centre areas. For further information of Amendment C190 and its current status refer to Amendment C190.

What about the current interim controls?

Interim planning controls apply to parts of both Bentleigh and Carnegie activity centres.  These interim controls are a Design and Development Overlay (DDO8 and DDO9) covering some land zoned commercial, mixed use and residential.  The controls are a temporary measure to deter inappropriate development while Council goes through the amendment process for permanent controls.  These interim controls principally control height and are due to expire on 31 March 2021. The interim controls and the proposed controls of Amendment C184 are not identical.

How do I find out if Amendment C184 directly affects my property?

Amendment C184 affects land in the Bentleigh and Carnegie activity centres. Not everyone who receives a letter about Amendment C184 has land directly affected by it. You may have received a letter because you own or reside in a property nearby.

To find out if Amendment C184 directly affects your land, refer to zone and overlay maps included on this page, or review the guide and visit the interactive map for Bentleigh or Carnegie. The Additional Explanatory Information (included as an Amendment document on this page) also includes a full list of properties affected by the amendment that you can refer to.

To find out what zone and overlay currently applies to your land go to and enter your property under planning property report.

View Amendment Maps:

To see an interactive map of Amendment C184 read our quick guide and click on the links below.


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