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259 Glen Eira Road, Caulfield North

Planning Scheme Amendment C181 applies to the land at 259 Glen Eira Road, Caulfield North. The amendment is a combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment under section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

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What does the amendment do?

The planning scheme amendment:

  • varies the wording of the Covenant contained in Instrument 0888051 to enable the development and use of the land for an Education Centre.

The planning permit allows:

  • development and use of the land for the purpose of an Education Centre, reduction of the car and bicycle parking requirements, display of business identification sign and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1.

Why is the amendment required?

The amendment is required to:

  • facilitate the expansion of Shelford Girls’ Grammar School
  • allow use and development of the land which is consistent with the strategic context and changing characteristics of the area.

The proposed use and development is currently prohibited by the restrictive covenant on the land title. The covenant was created by a transfer of land (registered instrument no. 0888051) dated 14 April 1919. It restricts the use and development of the land at 259 Glen Eira Road to:

  • not more than one private dwelling
  • use of building materials for the roof of slate, tile or other material except iron
  • ensure the erection of the dwelling costs no less than 500 pounds inclusive of the costs of outbuildings.

Variation of the covenant to allow the proposed development will ensure it complies with the planning permit conditions and plans that form part of this planning scheme amendment.

Combined Planning Permit and Amendment Adoption

Approval of the amendment C181glen was received by Council on 13 March 2020. The amendment was gazetted on 27 March 2020 and the Planning Permit GE/PP-31418/2017 was issued by Council on the 3 April 2020.

Details of Exhibited and Approved Amendment and Permit

To view the Amendment and supporting documentation, please visit the Victorian Governments planning website