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Lind House

Lind House in Caulfield North was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 2018. Located at 450 Dandenong Road, the Heritage Council determined it to be of cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria and included it on the Register.

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About Lind House

Lind House has a range of features associated with European Modernism. These include:

  • a broad-eaved butterfly roof
  • window walls
  • feature stone cladding
  • articulation as an ‘upside down house’ with the principal living areas at the upper level.

Its architect Mr Anatol Kagan was renowned for his contribution to mid-century modernist architecture in Melbourne during the post-war period.


Lind House, Caulfield North

The decision process

In August 2017, Council lodged a nomination with the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria to include Lind House on the Victorian Heritage Register.

At this time, the Executive Director recommended that Lind House was not of Victorian State heritage significance and that Council consider it for local heritage protection only.

Council objected to this recommendation which escalated the matter to a Heritage Council hearing on 8 March 2018. At the hearing, Council argued that the intact nature of the property and the significance of the architect justified Lind House cultural heritage significance.

The Committee disagreed with the Executive Director’s recommendation and agreed with Council’s argument that Lind House is of cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria and should be included in the Victorian Heritage Register.

The new state heritage controls replaced the local controls in March 2018.



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