Draft Glen Eira Heritage Review of Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plan Areas (Residential)

Celebrating and protecting sites of historic or architectural significance is important to Glen Eira Council and the community.

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Council engaged RBA Architects and Conservation Consultants Pty Ltd to undertake the Glen Eira Heritage Review of Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plan Areas (Residential) 2019A review of the commercial areas of Bentleigh and Carnegie has already been carried out and forms part of Planning Scheme Amendment C184.

The Glen Eira Heritage Review of Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plan Areas (Residential) 2019 report recommends 8 individual properties and 4 new precincts to be included in the Heritage Overlay throughout Bentleigh and Carnegie. The report also reviewed existing heritage overlay area HO69 (Bentleigh Environs). This precinct has been widened to include further properties and the citation for the precinct has been revised.

The report and citations are available for viewing below. It is important to note that this is not a Council endorsed document. Council will be reviewing this document after pre-amendment submissions are received. 

If you wish to make a submission to this Heritage Review, it must be made in writing as follows:       

By email to: cityfutures@gleneira.vic.gov.au 


By mail to:
Bentleigh and Carnegie Residential Heritage Review
City Futures Department
PO Box 42

Submissions are due by Monday 1 July 2019.

Council will consider the Glen Eira Heritage Review of Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plan Areas (Residential) 2019 on 13 August 2019. If Council decides to proceed with the implementation of heritage controls, a planning scheme amendment is required to include properties within the Heritage Overlay in the Glen Eira Planning Scheme. This amendment will be exhibited to all affected parties (owners and occupiers).

Drop-in sessions

Come into a drop-in sessions to chat to a planner about the proposal. We understand that the architectural descriptions within the citations and the planning process can be technical and complex. If you would like to discuss the heritage review or planning scheme amendment process with a Council officer, drop-in sessions will be held at the Town Planning Counter of the Glen Eira Town Hall on the following days:

  • Tuesday 18 June 2019, 3pm to 6.30pm
  • Thursday 20 June 2019, 10am to 1pm
  • Tuesday 25 June 2019, 3pm to 6.30pm
  • Thursday 27 June 2019, 3pm to 6pm

The planner will go through the citation that is relevant to your property and explain how a proposed heritage control may affect development of your property.


Why is Council carrying out a heritage review of this area?

You may be aware that Council developed structure plans for Glen Eira’s three largest activity centres — Bentleigh, Carnegie and Elsternwick. 

A thorough review of heritage is being undertaken to ensure that important sites or precincts are adequately protected prior to implementing the outcomes of the structure plans into the Planning Scheme (in the form of changes to zoning, design or height controls).

How does the Heritage Overlay affect my property and development rights?

Within a Heritage Overlay, a planning permit is required for demolition and most external buildings and works.

Under the Heritage Overlay, planning permission is required for:

  • Demolition of buildings;
  • Subdivision or consolidation of land;
  • Construction of a new building;
  • External alterations (minor exemptions apply);
  • Painting of previously unpainted surfaces.

In limited circumstances, internal alteration controls, tree controls and paint controls can be applied. 

Does Council provide design advice to property owners within the Heritage Overlay?

Yes. Glen Eira Council has a comprehensive Heritage Advisory Service. Council’s Heritage Consultant works on a Tuesday and can meet you on site or at the Town Hall to discuss your proposal for renovation/extension or restoration prior to submitting a formal planning application. Appointments with the Heritage Advisor can be made by calling the Town Planning or City Futures Department on 9524 3333.

What is the Contributory rating of my property?

Within Heritage precincts, each property is given a rating of either Contributory or Non-Contributory (ie. the building either contributes to the heritage character of the precinct or it doesn’t).  Non-contributory buildings are those that are constructed outside of the ‘period of significance’.  For example, a dwelling constructed in 1970 that is located within an Interwar period precinct will be noted as Non Contributory within the citation for that precinct. Individual properties that warrant an individual Heritage Overlay are known as Significant buildings as they are significant in their own right.

A Non-Contributory property can usually be demolished subject to a planning permit, however new development on the site will need to be carefully designed to ensure it sits well within the heritage precinct.

Can development occur on a property within a Heritage Overlay?

Yes. Rear additions, double storey extensions and in some cases, multi-unit development can occur within a heritage area (subject to a planning permit). The important elements of the building should be retained wherever possible, particularly fabric that is seen from the street. Council’s Heritage Policy at Clause 22.01 of the Glen Eira Planning Scheme provides guidance for demolition and development within heritage areas.


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