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Heritage next steps

We understand the importance of protecting and celebrating the heritage and character of Glen Eira. Our 2018 update to the Glen Eira Heritage Policy had a significant impact on our most treasured buildings.

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The Minister for Planning has approved the revised documents. For more information, please see the Planning Scheme Amendment C149 Explanatory Report (PDF, 35KB)

What are we doing next?

We'll keep looking for opportunities to include new heritage properties and sites which aren't currently protected. We also value your ideas.

The 2018 Planning Scheme Review Work Plan (PDF, 1.5MB) outlines a number of stages that carry over the Heritage Review from the 2016 Work Plan. But we have re-scoped the 2018 plan because it's a large project.

Items from the 2018 Work Plan

Project 23: Heritage Review — Bentleigh and Carnegie Activity Centre

The consultant review of potential heritage places within the structure plan areas of Bentleigh and Carnegie was concluded in 2019 and adopted by Council at its meeting of 13 August 2019.

Project 24: Heritage Review — Elsternwick Activity Centre 

The consultant review of potential heritage places within the structure plan area of Elsternwick and the existing Elsternwick Heritage Overlay (H072) Citation was concluded in 2019 and adopted by Council at its meeting of 17 December 2019.

Project 25: Heritage Review — Post-War and Hidden Gems, and Caulfield Station precinct

The Post-War and Hidden Gems Review commenced in 2019. This project seeks to identify and protect some of the most outstanding heritage sites within the municipality, including underrepresented architectural styles/periods.

The Review has involved principally Post-War places as Glen Eira has some outstanding examples of modern architecture from the 1950s, 1960s and beyond that are now worthy of heritage protection and should be celebrated. Other pre-1945 places included in the Review are rare or exceptional examples from their particular era.

Forty-four individual properties and five precincts have been identified under this project.

The Heritage Review of the Caulfield Station Structure Plan Precinct, the remainder of Caulfield East, Glen Huntly and surrounding areas is presently underway by heritage consultant.

Project 26: Planning Scheme Amendment for the various heritage reviews

We need a Planning Scheme Amendment to implement adopted Heritage Reviews into the Glen Eira Planning Scheme.  This will be undertaken upon completion of each project rather than all at one time. The amendment process will include:

  • authorisation
  • exhibition
  • consideration of submissions
  • panel and final decision.

Project 27: Heritage Review — Suburb by Suburb

This project has commenced with reviews of the entire suburbs of Glen Huntly and Caulfield East, as part of Project 25. The project will proceed one or two suburbs at a time and is expected to happen over a number of years.

Project 28: ABC Gordon Street Heritage Planning Scheme Amendment

We're seeking permanent heritage protection for the ABC studios in Gordon Street, Elsternwick. The proposed Amendment for permanent controls has been adopted by Council and is with the Minister for Planning for his decision.


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