Heritage next steps

We understand the importance of protecting and celebrating the heritage and character of Glen Eira.

To support this, a number of heritage projects have been undertaken over recent years, are currently underway, or are planned for the coming years to identify and protect heritage places. A heritage place can be a site, a building, a group of buildings, a structure, a garden, or a place of natural or cultural significance.

These heritage projects have generally been identified through the 2018 Planning Scheme Review Work Plan, or the earlier 2016 Work Plan.

Heritage projects:

What are we doing next:

  • Planning Scheme Amendment - Caulfield Station Precinct, Glen Huntly and Caulfield East * 
    • Status: To be advised

  • Continue with Suburb-by-Suburb heritage reviews (current suburbs being reviewed are Glen Huntly and Caulfield East) 
    • Status: To be advised

*Requires Council adoption of Heritage Review and Council resolution to undertake Planning Scheme Amendment


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