Changes to Residential Parking Permits

We are making changes to the Residential Parking Permits. These changes will affect existing permit holders.

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What are the changes?

All existing permit holders will need to reapply for their Residential Parking Permits. The first permit will be provided at no cost, with any subsequent permits incurring an annual fee.

The number of permits available to eligible households will be determined by your location in the municipality, as shown on the map and table below. 

Why are the changes being made?

We know that traffic and parking congestion is an important issue for our community.  Glen Eira is expected to grow by around 30,000 residents by 2036, which could equate to roughly 20,880 additional cars, if the way we currently travel continues. Our challenge is to adapt and thrive. We can’t stop growth, but we can adapt to and manage the impacts. 

More cars on local streets means higher carbon emissions, more congestion, less safety (especially for children) and the erosion of the quiet amenity that typifies many of Glen Eira’s neighbourhood streets.

Increasing our use of sustainable and active forms of transport will lead to a cleaner environment for residents and help our community to achieve our goal of net-zero community emissions by 2030.

Council has a Parking Policy that guides how we manage parking across the City. The Policy aims to balance the challenge of meeting the needs of car owners/drivers while also making sure our public spaces are people-friendly. The Policy aims to protect on-street parking for residents and to offer support for residents who would like to travel by public transport.

Important aspects of the Policy include:

  • marked parking spaces for people with prams and seniors in public parking areas
  • additional disability parking spaces in public parking areas
  • group, carer, visiting tradesperson, community volunteer and unique circumstances permits
  • a public transport incentive scheme where residents can forego their right to a residential parking permit and receive a 28 day zone 1+2 Myki pass free of charge
  • flexible residential parking permits able to be transferred between household vehicles
  • eligibility for two residential parking permits per household in eligible areas (households with no off-street parking, or in the south east area of the municipality where parking restrictions apply are eligible for an additional permit)
  • single use visitor permits
  • a permit fee for a households second permit, with concession and pensioner discount
  • applicability of residential parking permits to both a street and the nearest intersecting street
  • neighbourhood parking plans which will invite feedback from residents in a local area
  • activity centre and corridor parking plans which will be subject to consultation
  • provision for the installation of public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Please note, the Tram and Train precinct re-application date has been extended from 1 November 2022 to 21 November 2022. Residents will have additional time to apply to allow for the holiday period and existing permits will be accepted until 23 January 2023.

Permit precincts map 

Number of permits allowed per household

The number of permits available to eligible households varies based on access to public transport as determined by Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy precincts. See the map  Residential Parking Permit System Policy.

Precinct Description Number of permits permitted

Tram and train precinct

The neighbourhoods located within the northern half of Glen Eira experience excellent access to public transport with access to all three modes (train, tram and bus).


Tram precinct

The neighbourhoods located within the northern half of Glen Eira experience good access to public transport but are not located within walking distance of a train station.


Train precinct

The neighbourhoods are located within walking distance of the train network (Frankston Line and Cranbourne Dandenong Line).

Bus precinct The neighbourhoods located within the southeastern quarter of Glen Eira experience relatively poor access to public transport, with access to a limited bus network only


Note: regardless of property location, eligible households with no off-street parking may apply for an additional Residential Parking Permit at no cost equating to two (2) permits free of charge.

What will the costs be to residents?

The annual fees for Residential Parking Permits will be as follows:

  • Standard fees
    • 1st permit free
    • 2nd permit $100
    • 3rd permit (Bus precinct) $150 
  • Pensioner/concession fees
    • 1st permit free
    • 2nd permit $50
    • 3rd permit (Bus precinct) $75
  • Lost permit replacement fee
    • $100

When do I need to reapply for my Residential Parking Permits?

Precinct When do I need to reapply? Number of permits permitted
Bus precinct 1 August 2022


Train precinct

1 September  2022

Tram precinct

1 October 2022


Tram and train precinct

21 November 2022


Other permit types to be available under the new model

  • Visitor permits
    Eligible households will also have access to 100 daily use visitor permits, per year at no cost.
  • Tradesperson permits
    Eligible households will also have access to 10 daily use tradesperson permits, per year at no cost.
  • Public transport incentive
    Eligible households choosing to forgo their rights to receive permits may receive a Myki pass, valued at $154.20 (as of Jan 2 2020), free of charge.

Note: The number of Myki passes provided each year will funded by the Residential Parking Policy and will operate on a cost neutral basis. The total number will be capped based on permit revenue.

Where can I park

Under current Residential Parking Permit conditions, permit holders are permitted only to utilise permits directly within their residential street.

Under the changes to the Residential Parking Permit System, residents will be permitted to also utilise permits within adjoining residential side-roads.

How do residents apply for permits? 

New residents can apply for Residential Parking Permits by visiting our Residential Parking Permits page. Existing permit holders will need to reapply, a letter with further information on this will be sent out to each individual precinct one month before the start of the changes.

Alternatively, applications may be made at our Customer Service Centre located at the Town Hall (corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Council charging residents fees for permits?

Glen Eira is growing and we must plan for the future. It is anticipated that forecasted growth will cause an increase in vehicles parked on our residential streets. Our current Residential Parking Permit System is unable to provide convenient and equitable parking close to residences for the community.

While a substantial number of residences within the municipality have the capacity for off-street parking, this is currently underutilised and contributing to a scarcity of parking bays within roadways.

The scheduled changes to the Residential Parking Permit Policy, including a reduction in the number of permits allocated and the establishing of new permit fees will encourage the use of permits based on genuine necessity and increase the use of private off-street parking areas.

Further, the policy will operate on a cost neutral basis – With all revenue funding policy incentives (such as Myki passes and associated administrative costs).

Why are fees being charged for lost permits?

Unfortunately, Council has observed an unacceptable level of fraudulent permit use within the municipality.

The use of fraudulent permits reduces the number of available on-street parking bays for residents with legitimate permits.

The introduction of permit replacement fees will discourage such behaviour.

Fees taken in relation to lost permits are considered revenue under the Residential Parking Permit Policy and as such, are reinvested into policy incentives (such as Myki passes and associated administrative costs).

Is Glen Eira the only Council charging residents for permits?

Council is not the only municipality that has introduced fees for Residential Parking Permits. Other similar councils such as the City of Port Phillip, City of Yarra and City of Kingston have implemented fees for Residential Parking Permits.