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Parking infringements

You can pay parking infringements in a number of ways, including online, and you also have the right to contest an infringement.

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How do I pay an infringement?

You can pay infringements in a number of ways:

  • online via MerchantSuite*
  • phone by calling 03 9058 6616 (Visa or MasterCard only)
  • mail by sending a cheque or money order to GPO Box 1941, Melbourne, 3001 (please do not send cash through the mail)
  • in person at Australia Post
  • in person at Council's Service Centre, located at Glen Eira Town Hall on the corner Hawthorn and Glen Eira Roads, Caulfield.

*By accessing this link you will be leaving the Glen Eira City Council’s website. Any payment made through the MerchantSuite website is subject to the terms and conditions of use of that site. Glen Eira City Council accepts no responsibility for any payment or other usage made of the MerchantSuite site and is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from use of that site.

How do I contest an infringement?

If you want to contest a parking infringement, please complete the online Appeal a parking infringement form. The application should include documents to support your grounds for review (if applicable). For example, letters from doctors or police reports.

You can appeal by:

Once we receive your application for internal review, the infringement will not incur further costs until after we’ve advised you of the outcome. This is also the case if the due date on the original infringement notice passes.

Under the Infringements Act, Council must make a decision on an internal review within 90 days, but normal processing time is around six weeks. We’ll notify you of our decision in writing.

The Infringements Act 2006 states that only one review is allowed per infringement.

Infringement exemptions for family violence

Are you a family violence victim who has received an infringement fine? The Victorian Government's Family Violence Scheme can help.

Your fine can be withdrawn if your family violence experience substantially contributed to the offence or if it isn't safe for you to nominate the responsible person.

Fines Victoria's dedicated team is qualified to make these decisions. In accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, they will never share your information with the perpetrator of the family violence.

You can download an application form and learn more at the Fines Victoria website.

For further information, speak to trained staff by calling 1300 019 983 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or by emailing

Do you take photos?

We may take photos of vehicles that have received parking fines. We do this to document the offence and help with subsequent reviews or prosecution of fines.

If we photograph a vehicle while issuing a parking fine, we may give the vehicle’s owner (or authorised representative) access to the photo as part of open and transparent decision-making.

Visit the Glen Eira Parking Services website to view photos related to your infringement. You will need the Infringement Number and the Vehicle Registration Number to access the photo.

Photos will only become available 24 to 48 hours after we issue the infringement.

What if I wasn't the driver?

Complete our Parking infringement nomination form (PDF, 130KB) and send to GPO Box 1941, Melbourne VIC 3001 or email



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