Assessing a Classified Tree

When a nomination is received, we will consider whether the tree is eligible for inclusion in the Classified Tree Register.

When assessing eligibility, we will consider the Categories of Significance, which is based on the criteria used by the National Trust of Australia for its Register.

If the tree is potentially eligible for inclusion, contact will be made with the owner of the tree or other a relevant landholder to arrange, if required, an inspection of the tree to assist in determining if it has any of the Categories of Significance or any of the negative criteria listed in Appendix 2 of the Policy.

If the inspection identifies the tree as potentially eligible for inclusion in the Register, we must notify all the relevant landholders.

What happens if I am not happy with the decision to nominate my tree?

Any relevant landholder who is unsatisfied with the notice that a tree on their land is eligible for inclusion in the Register may apply in writing for an Internal Review. Substantiating evidence such as an independent arborist report may also be submitted with the application for Internal Review.

The Co-ordinator Trees and Natural Environment undertakes the first review. If the tree is still considered eligible for inclusion in the Register, notice will be provided to the relevant landholder.

A relevant landholder can request a final review by the Manager Park Services. At this point, an independent arborist will be engaged by us to complete an independent report on the tree. The Manager will then consider all the relevant information and decide if the tree is eligible for inclusion in the Register. The Manager will then provide a notice to the relevant landholder.

Apply for an Internal Review by:

• Emailing —

• Post to PO Box 42, Caulfield South, Victoria 3162, Attention Classified Tree Officer.

After the completion of any Internal Reviews, if a tree is assessed as eligible for inclusion in the Register, a report and recommendation will be presented at Council meeting which is open to the public. Council makes the final decision on whether or not to include a tree in the Register.

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