Our approach to racism

At Glen Eira, we take a zero-tolerance approach to racism. As a commitment to this principle we officially endorse two key anti-racism campaigns.

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Racism. It stops with me

Support for the Racism it stops with me campaign was unanimously endorsed by Council on 8 April 2014.

Led by the Australian Human Rights Commission, the campaign is part of a partnership of government and non-government agencies.

The Racism: It stops with me campaign aims to:

  • ensure that more Australians recognise that racism is unacceptable
  • give you the tools and resources to take practical action against racism
  • empower you and organisations to prevent and respond effectively to racism wherever it happens.

By pledging to support the campaign, we agree to:

  • endorse the campaign
  • promote the campaign
  • identify specific activities we can do during the campaign to support our position against racism.

For further information about the campaign and how to get involved, go to the Racism. It stops with me website or follow on Twitter @ItStopsWithMe.

You can also download these factsheets from the Racism. It stops with me website:

Anti-Hate Spray — removes hate fast

As with the Racism it stops with me Campaign, support for the Anti-Hate Spray campaign was endorsed at our Council meeting on 14 October 2014.

Anti-Hate Spray empowers you to remove hate. Designed to combat racism, homophobia and any other discrimination, Anti-Hate Spray will leave your community clean and hate-free.

For further information visit the Anti-Hate Spray — removes hate fast website.

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