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Professional and business

Barrett Consulting Group Pty Ltd

We are a business consulting and education firm working with customers to create thriving sales cultures – with ethics and sustainability at its core.

Since opening our doors in 1995, we have worked with people and organisations – across the private, public, not for profit and government sectors – who challenge themselves to be extraordinary. Our approach helps overcome the complexities of selling in to attract real, sustainable sales results, even in the toughest markets regardless. We work with organisations of all sizes.

We have been promoting and delivering online, remote and longitudinal sales education for several years with excellent results.

We have developed a new online program: “Rapid Sales Recovery” to help businesses stay in businesses and keep people in jobs during the crisis and beyond. In particular, we are partnering with different community-based organisations to bring this program to their communities and offer it in a bundle with 4 webinars to help people through the program, designing their strategies and plans.

Our key assets is that sales skills are life skills. Sales skills are what everyone needs in any job or role: the power to connect, engage, communicate, influence and persuade, collaborate and create a better future. And we can help people and businesses develop, improve and benefit from those skills. 

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5pm