Sustainable Business Profile — The Knight

The Knight is an Owners Corporation, Strata and Body Corporate management company with an office in Caulfield North. In 2021 they achieved Climate Active Certification as a carbon neutral organisation, becoming the first Owners Corporation Management company to do so. They were also named the winner of the 2023 Strata Community Excellence Awards’ Environmental, Social and Community Impact Award.

“Going carbon neutral for us was a way to lead by example and demonstrate to our industry colleagues and clients that sustainable strata is an option.” – taken from

Sustainability highlights

The Knight has reduced their environmental impact through the following achievements and actions:

  • Achieved a Climate Active carbon neutral certification in 2021.
  • Provided all staff with reusable coffee cups.
  • Recycling of soft plastics in a small bin saving about one bag of soft plastic from landfill a week.
  • Set up of e-waste bin for office equipment and broken fobs/remotes for their properties that is regularly dropped off at Officeworks
  • Replaced paper business cards with Tapt cards
  • Established an internal sustainability committee that meets monthly to discuss improvements internally and for clients
  • Staff education through sustainability updates at regular meetings
  • Ran an internal sustainability competition
  • Moving to GreenPower in the Caulfield office, supporting renewable energy and reducing emissions
  • Implemented an environmental and social policy
  • Recycling all toner/printer cartridges and using recycled paper
  • Banned use plastics at social events and appointment of a food officer to minimise food waste
  • Won the Strata Peak Body SCA award for Strata Community Environmental & Engagement in 2021
  • Regular education including webinars for clients on sustainability
  • Assisting clients by creating a list of suppliers that have a sustainable focus
  • Assisting clients with sustainable retrofits
  • Currently a partner in Unlocking Sustainable Strata with Hip V Hype
  • Food waste is recycled in the office compost bin which saves it from landfill or given away via the ShareWaste app

What advice would The Knight give to businesses on becoming more sustainable?

“Engage your staff first. This is the most important step. We give regular updates at our staff meetings on sustainability, have run a sustainability competition and include our sustainable initiatives in inductions. It ensures all our staff are onboard and aware of what we are doing.” — Alex Smale, Training and Sustainability Manager.

Want to make your business more sustainable?

If you have any enquiries about making your business more sustainable email us at or read more about sustainable business.

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