Sustainable Business Profile — Mr Burch

Located in McKinnon village, Mr Burch has a friendly and homely atmosphere and offers classic breakfast and lunch items seven days a week. Sustainability and supporting local creatives are at the heart of this business. Mr Burch reduces their carbon footprint by recycling, composting and striving towards zero waste.

"We really want people to avoid wastage like paper cups and plastic lids. Coffee and drinks also stay hot for longer in reusable cups.”

Sustainability highlights

Mr Burch has reduced their environmental impact through the following achievements and actions:

  • Coffee waste goes to compost
  • Separate recycling stream for recyclable products
  • Plastic milk bottles are taken back by their supplier
  • Cooking oil is collected for second life, and not into landfill
  • Customers are encouraged to BYO keep cups
    • 20c discount for BYO cups
    • Paper takeaway cups are an extra 20c surcharge
    • This saves an average of 20 coffee cups a day from going to landfill
  • Customers are encouraged to bring their own take away containers
  • Paper containers and paper bags are only provided for take away
  • Only glass bottled drinks are sold
  • Used milk cartoons are cut out and made into coffee cup holder trays for take away coffee
  • Organic waste goes to their compost bin or to home compost
  • Single-use plastics are banned
  • Local produce and local suppliers are used (cakes, raw materials, milk, vegetables)
  • Blankets are provided outside instead of turning on the heater
  • LED lights in the shop

What advice would you give to businesses on becoming more sustainable?

“Pay attention to what you throw away, start by strictly separating the recycling, organic and general waste. Can any of the items in the recycling bin be re-used or redirected, as we’ve done for milk bottles? How can you keep the general waste to an absolute minimum?

Customers do notice and really love to see the effort you make to be sustainable.

You can potentially save some money by reusing, for example reuse carrier trays and use less ‘one use’ takeaway cups.”

Want to make your business more sustainable?

If you have any enquiries about making your business more sustainable email us at or read more about sustainable business.