Online collaboration platform

In March 2018, we launched our Slack workspace for Glen Eira business owners and professionals.

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This is part of our vision to strengthen Glen Eira’s connection economy by creating connections between business owners and professionals.

What is slack?

Slack is a cloud-based platform that creates a community, or ‘workspace.’ It provides public channels for sharing knowledge and resources, and private channels for discussion and collaboration.

How are we using Slack?

If you form a group at one of our events, we’ll set up a private channel to support your collaboration. You can then invite other workspace members to join the group.

We also have the GlenEiraBusiness workspace, which will help you stay connected with us and get support if you need it.

To become a member of the GlenEiraBusiness workspace, contact our Strategic Economic Development Officer Suzette Sutton on 9524 3333 or