Due to the COVID-19 restrictions

our Customer Service Centre at Town Hall is closed. We are still receiving and responding to requests and questions via phone and through online channels. Find out more about COVID-19 and what Council is doing in our COVID-19 services update.

Food and beverage, Restaurants, cafes and takeaway, Innovative businesses


Affordable home meals to our community whilst working to curb the spread of COVID-19. Our menu is ever changing and consists of people pleasing staples as well as guest menus from local restaurants and chefs in the middle of a cash flow crisis.

The FairFeed Community Project launched by the team at Smoke & Pickles is working tirelessly to feed people fairly, keep people employed and reduce growing stress and anxiety.

Pick up or delivery.

Order for DELIVERY ($10 from each delivery goes to recently unemployed) or PICKUP now.

Please view website for delivery zones and times.