What you can do to help?

We need your support to spread the word about how important this project is to our community and make it a priority during the upcoming federal election campaign. #yourpoolforlife

Contact your MPs and candidates 

Fill out the form below to send the following email to your Federal MPs and candidates to call on them to help fund Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool.

Dear election candidate

As a candidate in the upcoming federal election, you are aware of the challenges many of us face in Victoria as we rebuild our community, families and economy from the COVID-19 pandemic. The things that matter most to your local electorate include the provision of essential services, better facilities, and investment in key infrastructure to make Glen Eira more sustainable, liveable and inclusive.

As a resident of your electorate I am most interested in key projects and initiatives that will:

  • Support our community to rebuild, reconnect and re-start the economy.
  • Ensure we are taking urgent and practical actions to mitigate our community against the impacts of climate change.
  • Build a safer, healthier, and more resilient community.

Specifically, I wish to draw your attention to our need for a contribution of $10 million in funding to support the redevelopment of the iconic Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool.

This $52 million dollar project will bring immense social and health benefits to the community, stimulate new jobs and create a sustainable facility for generations to come.

As we head towards the next election, I look forward to your support for this critical project and urge you to commit to making it a reality that will deliver significant social, environmental, and economic benefits to our local community.


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